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"Claire.. You do realize I did a lot of that in Africa, right…? I conserved a lot of ammo getting into fist fights with infected." Chris shrugged slightly, while giving a painful smile. He didn’t look happy at all, but who could look happy in a situation like that…? If only Claire wasn’t stuck in this hell. He had to get her out. 

"Huh?" Chris looked over the edge as she did, and noticed the collection of Zombies making their way to the building. "Son of a Bitch! They know we’re here. Do you think they’re already starting to evolve?" He had his hands curled into large fists, knuckles obviously white from how tight his was making it. He really had to make a decision now. They couldn’t wait any longer. Going down the escape wasn’t an option. He couldn’t risk Claire doing something crazy like that now. 

"Look at what- WHOA!" He cheered with a fist pump, after seeing the Flare. This could mean two things; They had someone trying to find them, or someone in serious danger. Anyway, They were going to check it out, no matter what."

"Down the Roof stairs we go! Com’on Claire! We gotta find whoever threw it." In a moment, Chris dug out another Flare and for firing. "Whoever it is needs to know that someone saw it. It’s just as response." He fired it high this time, to make sure they could see it just fine if they were looking for it.

"And wasn’t the incident in Africa completely different?  These are zombies Chris; virus carriers.  It’s different."

She didn’t assume to know just what happened in Africa, but she’d heard enough from Chris to know that zombies—a byproduct of the T-virus—were quite a lot different than the living, breathing hosts carrying the Las Plagas parasite.  It was probably a lot safer to melee a parasitic villager than risk getting a good clean chunk of your arm bitten off by a zombie.  One healthy bite from those things was a death sentence to those who had yet to be inoculated, and if Claire’s hunch was right, even those who had received the T-virus antidote weren’t safe.  A single mutation would be all it would take…

And now more of them were converging.  Just perfect.  It was a very strange thing to have such luck; on the one hand, you might think that the Redfields had absolutely terrible luck.  Between them they had quite the outbreak resume.  And yet they were still alive, and still together, therefore one might think they had completely stupid good luck.

I don’t feel so lucky right now, though…

With all those zombies below them, she really didn’t want to test their luck, either.  When Chris said he wanted to go through the building, it was like a weight had lifted.  Somehow, trudging off into the unknown darkness of the building seemed more comforting.  Just so long as there were no big scary monsters—or evil virus-enhanced blondes—lurking within, waiting to pop out at just the right time.

"I hope it’s Leon…and I really hope it’s not a cry for help from him.  I’m ready; let’s get moving."

She flashed her brother an easy smile and pulled her handgun from her belt, moving to the roof access door in the process.  She would have just gone in and taken the lead, but she really didn’t feel like listening to one of her brother’s lectures, or one of his attempts to prove himself as the alpha.  There was something about men that just made them want to prove just how…manly they were.  Chris was no arrogant asshole on a machismo kick, but he did have the biggest stubborn streak Claire had ever seen.  He liked to be the one to take the lead, and while Claire could handle herself, she was fine with letting her brother take over.  After all, she was pretty used to that behavior by now; she’d experienced it from Steve and Leon, as well.  Good guys, all of them.

But now’s not the time to reminisce…

Thinking about the past and getting lost in memories right now was a mistake.  She still had Chris and Leon around her, and she was intent to bring them all together as soon as humanly possible.  With a bit of luck, the trio would reunite within the hour. 


Chris was searching around just as Claire did. He wanted to make sure they’d be safe when tehy made their next move. What were they going to do…? He noticed the fire escape with some of the infected. They looked like they were only in the first stages, which made them easy to dispatch. Chris could probably take them all down with just hand-to-hand combat. It was a tight space, so if they went that way… it would leave Chris doing all the work, and Claire could only watch. He wasn’t exactly sure if Claire would like that approach, but judging the area he saw around it… there wasn’t much of a horde there. If they kept everything slow and steady with minimal noise, they could probably get onto the streets with little hassle. Not using a gun would really help with that… Good thing He could break their skulls with his bare hands.

The issue with that stairway was that Chris wasn’t sure what could be waiting for them. He had this feeling in his gut that the open door could be a trap from Wesker, but maybe he was letting his paranoia take over his mind. He rubbed his stubbled chin, while washing those options through his mind. Both had their risks. If the door was left open, whatever was in the building that could be useful would probably be gone by now. There would be nothing useful for them at this point. It could give them a moment of cover, but they both didn’t know who… or what, could be waiting for them in the depths of those halls and rooms.

"Well, We don’t know what’s down in the building. If survivors were here before us… I doubt there’s anything good left… But then again, who knows. There could be some weid mutation of a Hunter…. or some super-powerful Licker. I might be acting a little over analytical, but I think it comes with good reason.." He kept rubbing the stubble, hoping he’d hatch a genius plan. "The fire escape tells us exactly what we’re walking too, and from what I’m seeing, the street doesn’t have a large horde yet. They look like first stage infected. We could cut right through them without using a lot of ammo…. Any at all, If I want at them hand-to-hand."

Chris gave a nod, like he decided on his decision. “I think we have better chances going in broad sight, but I could be horribly wrong.” Chris shrugged. He just wanted to make sure Claire would be safe. If they were in a situation in the building… there could be the chance Claire would be put right into danger, where Chris couldn’t assist… But that could also happen in an open area. They could get separated and they’d be goners. He really had to make sure he was making the right decision…

And so even asking Chris for his thoughts, Claire was back to square one.  So much for the leader-type.  At least Chris had mentioned that the fire escape route seemed safer, although now that she heard his take on it, it didn’t seem like the best plan to her.  Hand-to-hand combat against zombies?  Even with the T-virus vaccine, that wasn’t a good idea.  And with all these infected, they had no idea if it was the same strain or not.

Claire glanced over the side of the building with trepidation, noticing with an unpleasant jolt that more zombies were starting to congregate below them.  Did they sense the flesh of the living above them or was there something else?  Her instincts were beginning to tell her it was better to go inside, to take their chances.  If things looked bad right away, they could always get back to the roof.

"I don’t like the idea of you punching out a zombie, Chris.  Maybe we should just…take a peek inside.  They all seem to be gathering in that alleyway…what’s going on?"

Chris likely didn’t have the answer either, and Claire didn’t really expect to get much in way of a response.  Something just didn’t feel right to her and she couldn’t place it.  At any rate, they should—

Wait a minute.  Was that a flare in the distance?  A cry for help, or a signal that the cavalry had come in?  Maybe it was Leon!  Her heart leapt at the thought, and she suddenly smiled, unable to hide her optimism.

"Chris, look!"

The flare wasn’t that far away; no matter who it ended up being, it was worth checking out.  Civilians didn’t often carry those things around, anyway…


Leon, taking a new spin to being a bodyguard.

Leon, what do you think you’re doing?  Do I have to tell my brother?


Leon, taking a new spin to being a bodyguard.

Leon, what do you think you’re doing?  Do I have to tell my brother?